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Vermon in bad unsafe condition

Before repair

After repair the grill is safe and clean

After repairing

The first picture above is a typical Vermont Castings grill that is 8+ years old. Vermonts of this age usually have serious rust issues, burners, electrodes and the front wall all rust. The rust causes the mounts for the burners to deteriate and create a potential safety hazzard.

The picture below is of the same grill after we repaired it by replacing the burners, electrodes, flavorizor bars with stainless steel replacement parts. Also the front mounting wall of the grill is replaced with an aluminum plate cut to fit.

The cost to clean the grill and hood and replace the rusted parts is $400.00. That is a lot less than replacing the grill which would cost $2000.0+. If you want to change your grates to stainless steel that would cost an additional $75.00.

If you would like for us to come out and inspect your grill (free of charge) just call 352-459-9936 and set up an appointment.

We offer the following services upon request




Venturi tubes, burners, igniters, flavorizer bars


Pricing depends on retail parts cost and labor, estimates provided



Propane Tank Replacement


We will replace your existing propane tank with a full tank, service includes:


Remove existing tank, place and hookup a new full tank, insure grill ignites           properly  


Price is $45.00 per replacement visit







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Vermont Before cleaning & restoring

<After cleaning & restoration

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