In Home Maintance Services

We offer the following maintance services upon request


 We provide service and repair on all makes & models of propane or natural gas BBQ Grills. We do not provide any services to charcoal or pellett grils.


If you need parts we can get them for you.


If you need repairs please call the number on the left and provide a detailed discription of problem, make of the grill and model # if you have it.


Repair charges run $50.00 and hour. When cleaning your grill and repairs are required there will be no additional cost unless the repairs are very extensive. 


We have a license certified gas technician to work on any gas line repairs & grill parts


We do sell porpane to those unable to transport or install propane tanks





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9-4 M-T

Phone Nery: @ 352 459 9936

leave VM during non-office hours, will return your call soon after


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