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In order to properly clean a grill we take the time to inspect the grill and remove all internal parts, we soak them in a special heated cleaning solution in our trailer for about one hour. This soaking process removes all of the grease and carsinigens that can be harmfull to you. We thourghly clean the inside of the grill as well as clean and polish all exterior surfaces. Once the grill is clean you will see a remarkable difference and you will have a grill that is safe to use.


Pricing is based on that the typical grill averages 2-3 hours of work to properly clean. The pricing below is typical but could be more for extreme conditions or if repair work is authoorized. Summer kitchens require additional effort to clean. Extremely soiled grills requiring more than 3 1/2 hours to clean will incure additionl hourly rate




$50.00 per hour service rate ( one hour minimum ) typical rates are below



$100.00 for cleaning a 1-2 burner free standing grill (side burner counts)


$125.00 for a 3-4 burner free standing grill 


$150.00 for 5 or more burners free standing grill 


 $200.00 for full cleaning of a summer kitchen, includes grill & back splash.


Vent hood cleaning (with grill cleaning ) $25.00. W/O grill cleaning $50.00


  $50.00 hourly rate for repairs and additional cleaning


$45.00 for full tank replacement








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